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CEO & Founder

Ady sees massage as an art form, grounded in science and human understanding.

Since the age of 9, Ady has been putting her hands on people to help them heal themselves.

As a young child, Ady suffered with an undiagnosed medical condition that persisted till she was 21, when it was finally diagnosed and treated. But from the age of 9 (for 12 years) Ady had to be her own advocate, and come up with her own cure for her symptoms and her illness. And thus began her life long journey into health and wellness. By the age of 11 she had discovered, on her own, the healing power of meditation, massage, essential oils, nutrition and sleep – she essentially curated her own alternative medical treatment – and through that process discovered that the body has its own innate power to heal itself, and with the right facilitation and support, the body can do so quite effectively. The awareness that the mind and spirit rule the body became the center point of her medical philosophy, and she applies it to this day with every client she treats – or, should I say, ‘facilitates in their healing journey’.

Because that is what Ady and her therapists are – they are facilitators in the healing journey of the amazing people that they have the privilege to lay their hands and hearts on. But Ady knew that solid science is also a necessity in the effective solution for maladies, so she received her Bachelors in Biology, and after receiving her license in massage therapy went on to expand her knowledge in the field by taking additional training with the Upleddger Institue for Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release, Myofascial Release Therapy as taught by John Barnes, Lymphatic Drainage as taught by Chikly, Thai Massage and Reflexology in Thailand at The Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, and Wat Po in Chiang Mai, Reiki with a reiki master in Houston and she studied with the esteemed Dr Mariano Rocabado treatments in temporomandibular joint dysfunction; just to name a  few. With time Ady developed her own unique massage therapy assessment, protocol and technique – and soon became the preferred referral choice for many doctors and TMJ specialists in the City of Houston – including the now retired Dr Ronald Auvenshine, considered to be on of the preminent experts in temporomandibular joint dysfuction. Ady is also the therapist for several of the pro-athletes that call Houston their home.

For the last 20 years Ady has had the blessing to call massage therapy her practice and career. She built Kavana Healing Arts Center in 2005 to offer a healing space to people in Houston, who needed treatment based in sound Medical Massage therapy. As a result, Ady hires and trains top notch therapists who too are committed to the philosophy of Medical Massage therapy. And her facility has become well known in the city for its skill and expertise.


Her passion for people-

Born to Eastern European parents in Puerto Rico, raised in Barbados, and completed high school in Israel, Ady has had the benefit of multi culturalism! Due to her diverse background she had to learn to interact with culturally diverse peoples, in many languages, around the world – and her passion for understanding people and their stories was ignited and grew. As a young person she became an observer of the human condition, and noticed how culture, life experience and psychology effect the individual in positive and negative ways, and has used those observations in her therapeutic approach.

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