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Stacey Smith

Grew up in the Houston and surrounding area parts of town.  First became self-aware as a teenager when she became a lifelong vegetarian. Multi studied modern dance, film photography, journalism/communications, economics, and business in college.  Stacey initially entered the health, massage, and skin care arena by becoming involving in the Spa Industry in 2008.  Worked her way up to Spa Advisor and Spa Director for local day spas and and was the Business Manager for Kavana Spa from May of 2012-2022.  Stacey is now a full-time Licensed Massage Therapist graduated from Avalon School of Massage in the summer of 2019.  "I enjoy working both aspects of the business now and it gives me tremendous appreciation for the business as a whole.   My clients come to me for a massage and I work with them to develop a plan that will work for their specific needs."  Trained in Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Aromatherapy, Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy, as well as completion of Level 1 Nutrition from Monash University.  Stacey integrates several modalities including meridian lines, trigger point, general stretching, PNF stretching, energy work, CBD, Myofascial work into sessions with her clients as well. "I want to continue learning techniques and always expanding my knowledge!" 

Nancy Saucedo

Welcome Nancy to the Spa! Nancy has been a massage therapist in Houston for 10 years. She is a skilled and passionate therapeutic Pro who specializes in deep tissue, sports, A.R.T, myofascial release and relaxation massage. She has partnered with KHAS to provide therapeutic and effective sessions. 

Ta'lia Woodard  

Welcome Ta'lia to the Spa! Ta'lia is a LMT and a graduate of the Avalon School of Massage. Ta'lia has been legally blind since the age of 7. But as you know where one sense lacks the other(s) enhance and Ta'lia's touch is remarkable!

Donyale Nichols  

Welcome Donyale to the Spa! Donyale is a LMT recently graduated from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies and Phoenix School of Massage. She specializes in delicate art of Lymphatic Drainage massage and is also a skilled Reiki practitioner.  


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