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I am a physical therapist & athlete & therefore, very particular about my massages. Ady is hands down the best masseuse I've ever had. She is extremely knowledgeable of human anatomy & is well versed in numerous techniques, most of which I learned in Physical Therapy school & none of which I've ever seen any other masseuse use. I refer all of my patients to her that are in need of a massage.

Melanie M.

Ady Burgida - made a believer out of this doctor! – As a 50+ year old physician and very serious competitive swimmer, I was more than skeptical when my sports medicine doctor referred me to a massage therapist to fix the chronic pain I was having from rotator cuff tears in my shoulders and bulging discs in my neck. I mean, I never learned anything about massage therapy in medical school and never saw a massage therapist at the various hospitals in which I've worked. So just how much help could one provide?
I had spent endless hours and thousands of dollars with injections, physical therapy, chiropractic care, orthopedists, and sports medicine doctors with little pain relief. But I was so miserable (and my wife was miserable from being with miserable me), I figured, what could it hurt to try. 
My doctor specifically referred me to Ady Burgida and told me she was the only massage therapist in Houston who would be able to understand and conquer my problem. Boy, was he right. 
I contacted Ady, and --- despite the upcoming holidays --- she promptly worked me into her schedule. I sensed immediately that she was very bright, had a great sense of humor, and a very delightful, very positive personality. The spa --- a quaint two story house they've stylishly converted --- is very conveniently located (just about at Shepherd and 59S), and the spacious massage rooms are quiet, clean, and comfortable. 
I've had 4 hour-long deep tissue massage sessions, and I've been amazed that Ady can identify painful trigger points in my muscles --- and there were millions ---before I could tell her where they were. I told her she reminds me of this legendary doctor at Johns Hopkins with whom I trained who could diagnose various lung conditions from changes in vibration he could perceive with just the lightest touch of his fingers. 
In addition to her diagnostic skills, I have been extremely with her knowledge about myofascial pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, headache, TMJ, and muscle anatomy in general. She is passionate about the healing benefits of massage. I was even more impressed that she came up with a massage plan that systematically released muscle spasms, trigger points, and areas of limited mobility in my neck, shoulders, chest and back. So I put her to work --- and she really works --- on my pain syndrome. 
I can't believe that I am now pain free, but not only that, I just recorded the top time in my age group nationally for one of my swimming events. Before Ady started treating me, I had resigned myself to the fact that not only would I have to give up swimming, but I was also going to be in chronic pain. My wife had resigned herself to having a husband who complained of pain all the time.
I've worked with health professionals for 30 years and work with them every day. I've come to recognize the truly gifted diagnosticians and healers. Their gift goes beyond their training and experience --- they have the ability to recognize conditions through touch, listening, and instinct that others can't. Ady falls into that truly gifted category. Plus, she's just an amazing person --- a real delight.
So, as a physician AND a patient, I can't recommend Ady highly enough. She really has been a miracle worker with me.

Dr. Bruce K

Helpful at working out kinks in sore muscles – I went to Ady to help massage out the pain in my neck and shoulders after running a 1/2 marathon on a cold winter's day. The cold weather caused my muscles to stiffen and seize especially since i was running faster than what I was training at. The masseuse was friendly, asked the right questions and was able to locate the source of my pain. It took a few massage sessions, but I was feeling much better afterwards.


Kavana's is the next best thing to slice bread – My daughter ,boyfriend and mother had been going there and raved about Ady's service. I called her in a 911 crisis (my son and friend were in a accident) she was there and the treatments helped even the water on the knee. Maria took the pain out of my lg. toe after 1 treatment. I bought gift card for maybe 10+ people and there were returned results on ALL of them. Thank you to the Gods that some heaven is right here.

Transformations by Maria

I have been using Ady at Kavana for over 5 years. The benefits I have received have been amazing. I am a golfer and and she performs a weekly deep tissue massage on me that finds the "problems" in my back and legs and fixes them. She understands the way the body works and where to focus her attention (which can be different each time). Her weekly massage is truly medical therapy and a key to allowing me to do the things I want to do. I can not recommend her highly enough

Terry H.

Mary S.

Ady is the one for "Trigger Point" and Myofascial Release – I have been going to Ady for a super tight neck and clenched jaw every 2 weeks for about 6 months. Every time I go I feel like someone has finally figured out where decades worth of stress have settled in my body.

I didn't need a "typical" massage just for fun, I needed some serious help. Ady has the patience and knowledge to find the right places and to gradually reduce years of damage. I feel like my neck is getting longer and my neck and jaw have gotten a little younger.

Ady has taught me how to "breath through" her work with releasing the tightness in many trigger points so I feel like we are a team when I can feel the "knot" release as she works.

I would recommend Ady to anyone who wants to participate in the process of finding where your stress is and working with her to release it.

Truly Theraputic Massages – I have been receiving massage treatments from Ady for a few months now. Her knowledge, technique and style are the best I have ever experienced. I am a TMJ sufferer and have had cronic jaw, neck and shoulder pain for over a year now. Ady has been able to pinpoint my troubled muscles easily, and over time she has worked many of them back to health. Her wholistic approach, treatments and tips that she shares for me to take home have changed my life. I highly recommend TMJ or chronic pain sufferers to give her a try!!!! It could change your life too!


Thanks Ady!! – Ady has been tremendous help for me and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of massage. I have seen several other therapists throughout the years and I can honestly say she's the best. I initially came to her in severe pain with sciatica from a herniated disc. She has made the situation so much more manageable by working out the spasmed muscles in the area. She continues to help me with many other trouble spots from neck and jaw pain to foot pain. Not only is she great at what she does, she is very easy-going and personable. I've been seeing her once a week for several months and plan on seeing her for many years to come.


Thanks Ady! – I have visited Ady for massages for over 4 years now. She is great in targeting the muscles that are causing pain and relaxing them - relieving all the stress. I have lower back issues, and I always feel much more loose afterward. I have recommended her to many people, and have bought gift certificates for friends and family numerous times. Her friendly demeanor and very personalized service is always appreciated when I visit. I will continue to only visit and recommend Ady in the future - she's the best in Houston!


My Heros! I am a middle aged triathlete who (like many in the sport), has experienced continual problems with calf muscle strains, cramps, and pain. Additionally, achilles tendonitis. I am about to compete in the Texas Ironman Rece at The Woodlands. My training for this event was pretty much on hold as far as running due to Calf and achilles issues. I tried Sports Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Rest, KT Tape...pretty much everything I could think of and was not getting better. Then I found Ady and KAVANA. She and her staff immediately diagnosed my underlying issues and went to work on me. After not running for almost two months, Ady and her staff had me doing my first run (All be it a short one), within 10 days of my first visit. WIthin three weeks, I ran a half marathon, and have been hard at Ironman training ever since.

Thank You Ady and KAVANA! You have helped prepare me to achieve a life long goal. IRONMAN!

Thank You

David H.

Awesome experience – This was my very first professional massage so I can't really compare the massage to any previous experience (but it was awesome! I walked away feeling like a different woman). What I can speak of is the quality of service I received. 

The location was cozy and inviting, and the people were very nice, even the customers were welcoming and conversational. Overall it felt like meeting up at a friend's home.

PATRICK is my new hero! This young man is excellent at what he does. He showed up dressed professionally, and was very courteous and personable. We talked about my problem areas to determine what he would focus on, he explained what he was doing, and why; he made sure I was comfortable and worked within my comfort level (apparently I have a pretty high tolerance for pressure). 

Overall, this was a beautiful experience.

I'll give some balance to this review by including what some would perceive as negatives (to me they weren't big deals):

I had to wait about 10 minutes because someone failed to notify Patrick that I had arrived. I was his only appointment for a couple of hours and he had asked them to call him in as soon as I showed up ( he was less than five minutes away). 

This location has a 'homey' feel, it's not like the spas you see on TV. So if you don't like to feel like you're at a friend's home for your services, you may not like this.

Overall I had a nice time, and I will be going back!


Ady is Amazing!! – I have been suffering from TMJ for 4 years now. My physician, Dr. Auvenshine, suggested that I see Ady for massage therapy to relieve my facial and neck pain. I was totally blown away at how relaxed I felt after the massage. I don't recall a time when my jaw and neck felt so relaxed and free of tension/pain. That night, I experienced 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep which is highly unusual for me.

Ady, thank you for the relief and compassion. I am looking forward to our next session!!

Amanda Ohm

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